Integrated Plant Health Information System

Last Modified: March 06, 2024

The USDA, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service’s (APHIS) Integrated Plant Health Information System (IPHIS) is a Web-based application that provides a single, standardized, and comprehensive data management system capable of supporting activities associated with domestic or emergency pest programs.  

The system provides an environment and processes for gathering quality information from all core functions of APHIS’ Plant Protection and Quarantine (PPQ) (survey, regulatory, diagnostics, and control) in a timely or “real-time” manner to make information available to key regulatory partners and stakeholders. 

The information contained within the IPHIS application serves as an electronic interface providing USDA users with access and ability to take action on compliance agreements, regulatory actions, and sample diagnostics.  The IPHIS application allows USDA users to enter and view data for plant health events nationwide.

PPQ’s current vision is to utilize IPHIS as the point of entry for all emergency and domestic program related agricultural activities.   IPHIS new mobile data collection tool will be an important part of this vision by providing an easier way for surveyors to collect their data and upload it faster to IPHIS.  

IPHIS Support

USDA Marketing & Regulatory Program (MRP) IT Technical Assistance Center

When contacting the MRP Help Desk via phone or email, be sure to specify that your issue is IPHIS-related so that it can be properly routed.