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Last Modified: April 12, 2024

View of east flight pen looking north

The primary emphasis of the Florida Field Station's research program is identifying, evaluating, and developing methods to manage depredation, nuisance, and property damage problems associated with native birds such as vultures, and non-native species such as feral swine, Argentine black and white tegus, black spiny-tailed iguanas, European starlings, monk parakeets, and other invasive species.

Our scientists conduct behavioral and physiological studies with captive wild animals at the Florida Field Station and carry out field trials in Florida, Virginia, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and elsewhere. Research is conducted with the cooperation and support of Wildlife Services (WS) Operations, community organizations, private companies, and state and federal agencies.


The Gainesville facility was built in 1963 and has served as a bird and mammal research field station ever since. In June 1993, the Florida WS State Director's Office moved from Tallahassee to the Gainesville office. The 26-acre site is located three miles east of the University of Florida. There is a main building holding offices and laboratories, and three roofed outdoor aviaries for maintaining and testing wild birds. In addition, there are eight 10 x 30 foot enclosures and two ½ acre flight pens where various trials can be conducted throughout the year under natural environmental conditions.

The Florida Field Station recently improved its research capabilities by installing a state-of-the-art ½ acre flight pen/aviary. This flight pen is constructed entirely of stainless steel. Its netting is constructed of zoo mesh, a material designed to reduce the probability of injury to birds while holding up to the elements far better than traditional nylon netting. The fight pen also offers an air-conditioned observation station and network video recording capabilities.

Further information on the research conducted at the Gainesville, FL Field Station can be found on the Avian and Invasive Species Population Management Research Project page.

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