Aquatic Animal Export Resources

Last Modified: March 23, 2024
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Review the resources below for more information on aquatic animal exports, including the APHIS-Registered Aquaculture Export Facility Inspection Program (RAEF), disease sampling and testing guidance, and VS Form 17-141.

APHIS-Registered Aquaculture Export Facility (RAEF) Inspection Program 

APHIS approval of an aquatic animal facility through the APHIS-Registered Aquaculture Export Facility (RAEF) inspection program may be required prior to the export of live aquatic animals to certain destination countries. As a reminder, RAEF is only required if the facility is exporting to a country that either 1) requires APHIS oversight (regardless of whether export testing is required or not), and/or 2) when premises freedom level testing is required to export to a country. This section provides more information and step-by-step guides.

Learn More About the RAEF Inspection Program

Disease Sampling and Testing Information 

Testing of live aquatic animals prior to export may be required for some countries. This section provides guidance on the types of laboratories, level of testing, and common aquatic animal pathogens.

Learn More About Disease Sampling and Testing

Health Certificate for Exporting Live Finfish, Mollusks, and Crustaceans (and their Gametes)

Use VS Form 17-141 when the importing country requires it, or in cases where there is not a country-specific export health certificate posted to the APHIS IRegs.