How To Submit a FOIA Request to APHIS

Last Modified: February 21, 2024

Before you submit a FOIA request to APHIS, please visit our FOIA Reading Room to see if the information you are requesting is already available.

FOIA Reading Room

What To Include in a FOIA Request

Include the following information in your FOIA request:

  1. Requester's name, email address and/or postal mailing address, and telephone number
  2. The institution on whose behalf the request is being made (if applicable)
  3. A specific description of the requested records
    • The APHIS FOIA office can process a request for specific records more quickly than a request for "all information."
    • To the extent possible, supply specific information, including dates, titles, names of individuals, names of offices, locations, names of agencies or other organizations, and contract or grant numbers, that may help in identifying the records requested. If the request relates to pending litigation, the requester should identify the court and its location in addition to a case number.
    • The fees for specific and limited requests are often less than for more general requests.
  4. A statement about requester’s willingness to pay fees, including any limitations to paying fees

Where To Submit a FOIA Request to APHIS

Use one of the three ways below to submit a FOIA request to APHIS:

Web Request Form

Submit your FOIA request online. If you need help with the FOIA web request form, contact the APHIS FOIA Office at 301-851-4102.


Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
Director, Freedom of Information and Privacy Act Staff
4700 River Rd., Unit 50
Riverdale, MD 20737



To facilitate the processing of your request, place the phrase “FOIA REQUEST” (in capital letters) on the front of your envelope, on the cover sheet of your facsimile transmittal, or in the subject line of your email.