Emergency Management

Last Modified: April 01, 2024

HPAI Animal Health Emergency Alert

A form of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) has been causing widespread disruption and illness in birds since first being detected roughly a year ago. Learn more.

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National Preparedness and Incident Coordination (NPIC) develops strategies and policies, along with tools and resources you can use, to prepare for and respond effectively to animal disease outbreaks.

Our emergency response guidelines are based on the National Incident Management System and National Response Framework.

Animal Health Emergency Management Resources

Foreign Animal Disease Preparedness and Response (FAD PReP)

A foreign animal disease outbreak in the United States may impact the security, cost, and safety of our Nation’s food supply. Preparing for and responding to foreign animal diseases are critical actions to safeguard animal health in the United States. Reach out to our FAD PReP team at fad.prep.comments@usda.gov if you have questions or comments.

FAD PReP Materials and References

Ready Reference Guides

Disease-Specific Response Planning and Guidelines

Learn more about planning for specific foreign animal diseases. We offer tools and resources you can use to prepare for and respond to an emergency outbreak of these diseases.

Authorities Related to Animal Health, Foreign Animal Diseases, and Emergency Management