National Animal Disease Preparedness and Response Program

Last Modified: July 11, 2024

The National Animal Disease Preparedness and Response Program (NADPRP) strengthens our country's ability to combat animal disease outbreaks. Through this program, APHIS provides tens of millions in funding to States, producer organizations, universities, and others to carry out high-value projects that help our Nation prepare for the most critical animal health threats facing U.S. livestock industries today.

Funded projects address priority topics in controlling animal disease outbreaks, such as developing response plans, training first responders, and increasing producer use of biosecurity measures. This work is vital for protecting animal health, public health, and our Nation's food supply.

NADPRP is one of many programs supported through the 2018 Farm Bill. Read more about our Farm Bill programs and explore funding opportunities.

Open NADPRP Funding Opportunities

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Learn About NADPRP Funding

Eligible Entities

The following entities are eligible to apply for NADPRP funding opportunities:


NADPRP Funded Projects

To date, APHIS has invested tens of millions of dollars to support hundreds of NADPRP projects. 

View information about the number and types of projects we have funded. 

You can view presentations about NADPRP projects on the Veterinary Services National Training and Exercise Program - NADPRP YouTube channel.

Did You Receive NADPRP Funding? 

Find information about managing your award, including report templates and answers to frequently asked questions, at NADPRP Resources for Recipients/Cooperators.

NADPRP Consultation Board

The NADPRP Consultation Board provides stakeholder input to guide the program and help APHIS identify funding priority topics. The board comprises 14 members nominated by the United States Animal Health Association to represent State animal health officials, livestock industry organizations, and academia. It also includes a representative nominated by USDA’s Agricultural Research Service and a Tribal Nation representative nominated by APHIS' Office of the National Tribal Liaison. As directed in the 2018 Farm Bill, this consultation with NADPRP eligible entities is exempt from the Federal Advisory Committee Act.


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