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Last Modified: Junio 25, 2024
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Biotechnology Regulatory Services helps American agriculture stay at the forefront of science and innovation. From row crops that better tolerate environmental stresses to vegetable and oil crops that produce healthier foods, people develop new products every day using genetic engineering. We work alongside other Federal agencies to make sure these products are safe for U.S. agriculture and the environment.

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We regulate the importation, interstate movement, or environmental release of certain organisms developed using genetic engineering that may pose a plant pest risk. Learn more about permitting requirements and our regulatory process.

Developers have the option of requesting a permit, a regulatory status review, or both of a plant developed using genetic engineering that has not been previously evaluated and determined to be nonregulated.

Learn how developers can request a confirmation from APHIS that a modified plant qualifies for an exemption and is not subject to the regulations in 7 CFR part 340.

We have a comprehensive system to help ensure that biotechnology organizations are maintaining compliance with APHIS’ biotechnology regulations.

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