Wildlife Services

Last Modified: April 12, 2024
Wildlife Services employee trapping ducks on land

Wildlife are one of America’s most valued public resources. Yet in the dynamic landscape we share, wildlife-related problems—disease threats, livestock predation, crop losses, property damage, and more—are common. Wildlife Services lead our Nation’s efforts to manage these problems. Our programs and research find innovative solutions that protect people, agriculture, and wildlife so all of us can coexist.

Learn more about our organization and the authorities under which we work, including our program directives.


We provide wildlife damage management assistance to protect agriculture, natural resources, property, and health and safety.

We study native and invasive wildlife and use a multidisciplinary approach to find solutions to reduce or eliminate wildlife disease and damage.

We conduct national programs for airport hazards management, disease surveillance, rabies management, feral swine management, and more.

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