National Veterinary Accreditation Program

Last Modified: July 05, 2024

The mission of the National Veterinary Accreditation Program (NVAP) is to provide accredited veterinarians with the information they need to ensure the health of the Nation's livestock and animal population and to protect the public health and well-being.

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NVAP Coordinators

NVAP Coordinators are available to assist you with obtaining, maintaining, and updating your accreditation. As an accredited veterinarian, it is your duty to notify APHIS when your home or business contact information changes, one of your veterinary licenses expires or otherwise lapses, or you need to become authorized to perform accredited duties in an additional state. NVAP Coordinators are available for assistance with these needs or anything else related to your accreditation.

Export requirements frequently change. Obtain current export requirements for live animals or animal products before each shipment.