Foreign Animal Disease Preparedness and Response

Last Modified: June 11, 2024

HPAI Animal Health Emergency Alert

A form of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) has been causing widespread disruption and illness in birds since first being detected roughly a year ago. Learn more.

Preparedness and response planning for foreign animal disease (FAD) incidents is crucial to protect public health, animal health, animal agriculture, the environment, the food supply, and the economy. Foreign Animal Disease Preparedness and Response (FAD PReP) is the United States' comprehensive preparedness and response strategy for FAD threats.

APHIS FAD PReP Framework: Overview, Manuals, Strategy, and Concept of Operations

To learn more about FAD PReP, here are some resources to help you get started:

1. Roles and Coordination (September 2022)

2. Response Strategies (October 2015)

3. Incident Information Management and Reporting (February 2018)

4. Investigation Manual (2022)

5. Partial List of FAD Stakeholders (December 2015)

6. Permitted Movement (February 2017)

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FAD PReP Disease Response Plans and Strategy Documents

Response plans provide disease-specific information and response strategies. They offer guidance to potential responders (Federal, State, Tribal, local, and private sector) on capabilities and critical activities that are required to respond to an FAD outbreak.

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To learn more, visit the following FAD PReP pages. There, you'll find detailed reference guides, responder guides, and other disease-specific resources for incident responders.

FAD PReP Standard Operating Procedures

FAD PReP standard operating procedures (SOPs) include information on how to effectively prepare for and respond to an FAD outbreak. These SOPs provide operational details that are critical to the response, like biosecurity and communication, not discussed in-depth within the strategy documents or disease-specific response plans.

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Outbreak Response Tools

Find more information to help with FAD planning and response, including surveillance, carcass disposal, and other topics.

More FAD PReP Resources

Secure Food Supply and Continuity of Business Plans

These websites offer plans that use science- and risk-based information to facilitate market continuity for specific products and maintain business continuity at animal facilities in an outbreak.