Confirmation Letters

Last Modified: April 03, 2024

The table below provides confirmation requests submitted to APHIS and APHIS’ corresponding response. The definitions for the exemption categories in the table are in the Table Key below. 

Table Key

(b)(1): A change resulting from cellular repair of a targeted DNA break in the absence of an externally provided repair template

(b)(2): A targeted single base pair substitution

(b)(3): A gene known to occur in the plant’s gene pool, or a change in a targeted sequence to correspond to a known allele of such a gene or to a known structural variation present in the gene pool

(c): A plant-trait-mechanism of action combination that has been previously reviewed for risks to plant health and determined by APHIS not be regulated under this part, either via the Regulatory Status Review process or a petition submitted pursuant to the legacy part 340 regulations.