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Gypsy Moth

Asian Gypsy Moth

Asian gypsy moths (AGM, including Lymantria dispar asiatica, Lymantria dispar japonica, Lymantria albescens, Lymantria umbrosa, Lymantria postalba) are exotic pests not known to occur in the United States. Although in many ways similar to the European gypsy moth subspecies, AGM larvae have been known to feed collectively on over 500 plant species, covering over 100 botanical families. In addition, female AGM are active flyers that can be capable, in some cases, of flying up to 25 miles (40 km). This broad range of possible host plants combined with the female’s ability to fly could allow AGM to spread rapidly into and through uninfested areas. Large infestations of AGM can completely defoliate trees, weakening the trees and leaving them more susceptible to disease. If defoliation is repeated for two or more years, it can lead to the death of large sections of forests, orchards and landscaping. An introduction into the US would pose a major threat to the landscape of the North American continent.

European Gypsy Moth

European gypsy moth is a significant nonnative forest pest in the United States. The goals of APHIS-PPQ are to define the extent of the gypsy moth infestation, to eradicate isolate populations, and to limit the artificial spread of gypsy moth beyond the infested area through quarantines and an active regulatory program. PPQ’s gypsy moth program regulates movement of gypsy moth host material from gypsy moth infested areas to other areas of the United States. This program is an effective Federal-State partnership that prevents the establishment of gypsy moth in areas of the United States that are not contiguous to current regulated States and counties.

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Publications and Outreach


For inquiries about domestic gypsy moth activities, please contact:

Kathryn Bronsky
National Policy Manager
Telephone: 301-851-2147

For inquiries about Asian gypsy moth inspections or for vessel information, please contact:

Ingrid Asmundsson
AGM Program Director
Telephone: 301-851-2235

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