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Contact Veterinary Services

Contact Veterinary Services

  •  VS Service Center
  • Questions about International Pet Travel and Health Certificate Endorsement
  • Endorsing an Export Certificate for Animal Products 
  • Endorsing a Health Certificate for Live Animals
  • Scheduling an Inspection of animals for export
  • Scheduling an Export Facility Inspection
  • Isolation Facilities:  requesting approval or inspection for animals being exported
  • Confirm current trade restrictions
  • Find out more about testing requirements for international trade
  • Transit an animal or animal product through the U.S. to a final destination country

  • Importing or inspecting a live animal or animal product from a foreign country
  • Requesting approval as a private animal import quarantine facility
  • Discussing quarantine of animals arriving from a foreign country

Surveillance, Preparedness, & Response Services (SPRS): A national alliance for protecting and improving the health of animals and people. SPRS improves the health, productivity and quality of life for animals and people through the strategic development and implementation of Veterinary Services’ surveillance, preparedness and response activities.

  • Information about livestock animal health (this would lead to information about animal health programs: vaccination/surveillance/traceability…)
  • Information about livestock animal diseases (this would lead to information about program animal diseases: overall response plans, specific response stats...)
  • Preparing livestock animal to participate in 4H or the Fair (this would lead to Scrapie/ NPIP information, etc.)
  • Report a sick or dead livestock animal

National Veterinary Accreditation Program (NVAP)
Please contact your local NVAP Coordinator or email the NVAP at

Center for Veterinary Biologics (CVB)
Phone: 515-337-6100
Fax: 515-337-6120

Center for Epidemiology and Animal Health Information (CEAH)
Phone: 970-494-7200
Fax: 970-472-2668

National Veterinary Services Laboratories (NVSL)
Phone: 515-337-7266
Fax: 515-337-7397

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