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Permitting Technical Support

This web page contains permitting contact numbers and emails for questions regarding Import/U.S. Transit , Export, and Pet Travel. In addition, information on how to reset forgotten User ID and passwords and ePermits Help Desk hours of operation and contact information is provided at the bottom of this page.

Import/U.S. Transit Questions  

Questions regarding permit application status, whether or not you need a permit, and regulations and policies concerning allowable imports:

Plants and Plants Products:
Telephone Number: 301-851-2046 or Toll free: 1-877-770-5990
E-mail: Plantproducts.permits@aphis.usda.gov

Pest Permits and Noxious Weeds:
Telephone Number: 301-851-2046 or Toll free: 866-524-5421
Email: Pest.Permits@aphis.usda.gov

Animals Products:
Telephone Number: 301-851-3300, Option 1
Fax Number: 301-734-8226
Email: AskNIES.Products@aphis.usda.gov

Live Animals:
Telephone Number: 301-851-3300, Option 2
Fax Number: 301-734-4704
Email: VS.live.animals.import.export @aphis.usda.gov

Select Agents, Organisms and Vectors:
Telephone Number: 301-851-3300, Option 3
Fax Number: 301-851-2239 
Email: ov@aphis.usda.gov
Email: AgSAS@aphis.usda.gov

Genetically Engineered Organisms:
Telephone Number: 301-851-3930
Email: biotechquery@aphis.usda.gov


Plant Export Questions
Telephone Number: 301-851-2309
Email: PPQExportServices@aphis.usda.gov

Animal and Animal Product Export Questions
Telephone Number: 301-851-3300, Option 1 (animal products) or Option 2 (live animals)
Email: AskNIES.Products@aphis.usda.gov

Pet Travel  

Pet Travel Questions
Telephone Number: 301-851-3300
Email: VS.live.animals.import.export@aphis.usda.gov

User IDs and Passwords  

Technical problems with the ePermits system

The ePermits Help Desk is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, excluding Federal holidays.