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Feral swine Conflicts with feral swine, also referred to as feral hogs or wild pigs, vary widely. These non-native animals cause damage to agricultural crops and livestock and threaten native wildlife and habitats.

Feral swine are not protected by Federal laws and regulations. However, a Federal Executive Order (E.O. 13112) and the National Invasive Species Management Plan identify priorities associated with control and eradication of invasive species, including feral swine. Federal and State laws govern aspects of disease control programs related to feral swine, such as those for swine brucellosis and pseudorabies. State laws and regulations identify the species' status and the existence of hunting seasons and other authorities related to them.

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Booklet: Managing Wild Pigs
Click here for the 54-page booklet entitled, “Managing Wild Pigs: A Technical Guide


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