National Citrus Research Forum

National Citrus Research Forum

National Citrus Research Forum
June 16-18, 2010


Panel : What can we learn from our international partners?

Related Developments

Outcome Groups - Outcome groups identified what is known, what is not known but need to know to achieve the desired outcome and key research questions or topics to be discussed.

Outcome 1: How do we keep groves currently affected by ACP and HLB productive?
Chairs: Deb Fravel & Mike Irey - Key research questions considered:

  • What do we need to know in order to successfully replant (or replant and manage?) groves in the presence of high levels of HLB?
  • To what extent is it possible to manage HLB with nutritional programs in the long term? If so, what evidence do we have that demonstrates this is a successful long-term strategy?

Summary - Outcome 1

Outcome 2: Slow/no spread of HLB: How do we prevent or slow the spread of ACP and HLB?
Chairs: Kris Godfrey & Mamoudou Setamou - Key research questions considered:

  • What are the factors that mediate acquisition and transmission of HLB?
  • What type of psyllid control program is needed for each affected system and how do the control programs relate to one another?

Summary - Outcome 2

Outcome 3: Citrus groves/trees free of HLB and ACP: What Genetic and horticulture strategies should be pursued to manage HLB? Chairs: Ed Stover & Gloria Moore - Key research questions considered:

  • What genetic sources and procedures can be used to develop HLB/ACP resistant or tolerant citrus?
  • Can host plant-based management techniques be used to grow citrus sustainably where HLB is present?

Summary - Outcome 3