HASP - Scope


  1. This HASP was developed to address the specific health and safety
    issues that apply to the event summarized in Figure A-1.
  2. This HASP is intended to encompass most health and safety procedures that may be used in this
    event, and will be modified as needed.
  3. This HASP is designed to cover needs assessments, environmental compliance and field
    investigation activities. The following topics are covered in this plan:
    1. Key Personnel/Identification of Roles and Responsibilities
    2. Hazard Analysis/Assessments
      1. Hazard Analysis/Assessment
      2.  Job Hazard Analyses (JHA's)
      3.  Identifying Event-Specific HASP, PPE and Training Requirements
      4. Facility/Building Assessments
    3. Site Control Measures 
    4. Training Requirements
    5. Medical Surveillance Requirements
    6. Personal Protective Equipment
    7. Monitoring
    8. Container Handling/Spill Prevention and Containment
    9. Confined Space Entry
    10. Decontamination Procedures
    11. Emergency Response/Contingency Plan

Figure A-1 Event Summary