PPE Levels

HASP - PPE Levels

PPE Levels/Ensembles

  1. PPE ensembles are selected based on the level of personal protection required to control exposures to chemical, biological or radiological hazards during specific tasks or activities. 
  2. The PPE ensemble required is specified in the JHA for the task or activity.
    • The Level D ensemble provides basic protection. 
      • This ensemble includes minimal skin protection and no required respiratory protection.
      • Work clothes, safety boots and safety glasses are part of the Level D PPE ensemble.
      • Dust masks used on a voluntary basis may be part of the Level D PPE ensemble.
    • The Modified Level D PPE ensemble is similar to the Level D ensemble, but the skin protection is increased to include skin protection.
      • Disposable clothing (such as Tyvek) and gloves may be included as part of the Modified Level D PPE ensemble.
    • The Level C PPE ensemble provides skin protection and air-purifying respiratory protection.
      • The Level C ensemble is selected when there are known or suspected concentrations of airborne hazards (chemical and biological) present that air purifying respirators are approved for use in. 
      • Dust masks used on a required or mandatory basis may be part of the Level C PPE ensemble.
    • The Level B PPE ensemble is provides skin protection and a higher level of air-supplied respiratory protection (SCBA or airline).
    • The Level A PPE ensemble provides the highest level of protection with a total encapsulating suit and supplied air respiratory protection.  
      • The Level A PPE ensemble is used in situations where gas/vapor concentrations pose a risk exposure through both inhalation and skin contact, or where splash contact can pose an immediate risk.


  • APHIS does not currently have the ability or resources to use Level A or Level B PPE ensembles. 
  • If the situation requires the use of these PPE ensembles, the Incident Commander must coordinate with other response partners to perform the tasks or activities where Level A or Level B PPE ensembles are required.


Respirator Use

  1. Respirators must be used in accordance with the procedures included in Appendix I-1.