Health and Safety Plan

Decontamination Procedures

Contamination Prevention

Personnel Prevention

One of the most important aspects of decontamination is the prevention of contamination. Good contamination prevention should minimize worker exposure and help ensure valid sample results by preventing cross-contamination. Procedures for contamination avoidance include:

  • Do not walk through areas of obvious or known contamination.
  • Do not handle or touch contaminated materials directly.
  • Make sure all personal protective equipment has no cuts or tears prior to donning.
  • Fasten all closures on suits, covering with tape, if necessary.
  • Particular care should be taken to protect any skin injuries.
  • Stay upwind of airborne contaminants
  • Do not carry cigarettes, gum, food, drink, etc. into contaminated areas.

Equipment and Samples Prevention

Precautions to minimize contaminating equipment would be similar to those for personnel. These precautions would include:

  • Take care to limit the amount of contamination that comes into contact with heavy equipment and vehicles.
  • If contaminated tools are to be placed on non-contaminated equipment/ vehicles for transport to the decontamination pad, use plastic to keep the equipment/vehicles clean.

If samples must be taken from a site, bag sample containers prior to emplacement of sample material.