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Office of National Tribal Liaison

The Office of National Tribal Liaison (ONTL) was created by the APHIS Administrator to strengthen the relationships between APHIS and the American Indian Tribes.

APHIS and American Indian Tribes share a very unique relationship; both have an interest in protecting the nation’s agriculture and natural resources.

The ONTL serves as the principal advisor to the Administrator concerning all American Indian issues for APHIS. The ONTL is responsible for improving the outreach to federally recognized tribes, to ensure tribes are aware of APHIS and its many program and services and have the opportunity to participate. The ONTL ensures that tribes also have the opportunity to participate in APHIS decision making on any new policy, program or regulation that could have tribal implications.

The ONTL is responsible for developing and conducting training for APHIS employees so they have a better understanding of American Indian culture and ways to improve the relationships with tribes. The ONTL is committed to exploring opportunities to expose tribal youth to APHIS programs and activities.


OCRDI Office of National Tribal Liaison Contact List
Name Title Telephone Number Email Address
Clark, Terry Deputy Director (301) 440-4388 terry.w.clark@aphis.usda.gov
Etsitty, Carl Assistant Director (970) 494-7573 carl.etsitty@aphis.usda.gov
Wall, Golden Student Intern (970) 494-7240 goldin.h.wall@aphis.usda.gov