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USDA Cultural Transformation Guidance

The goal of Cultural Transformation is to get everyone at USDA - from the Under Secretaries to employees at every grade level, in every location - to work to ensure that USDA-USDA is a place where there's equity of opportunity for all employees and everyone who works here is empowered to reach their full potential. Only then can USDA provide its customers with exceptional service in an equitable manner.

Successful transformation includes:

•             A commitment by USDA employees to improve USDA's past and future record on Civil Rights, including expanded outreach efforts to socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers;

•             Systems of accountability that encourage all employees to achieve high standards of performance and customer service;

•             A renewed commitment to create diversity in the workforce and succession planning;

•             Striving to make USDA a premier organization and model employer. We will be open, responsive, collaborative, transparent, and highly-effective in implementing our many missions; and

•             Employees being respectful of the diversity of our workforce and constituencies. And the workforce will be engaged and motivated, empowered to succeed, and trained to meet future challenges.