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Compliance and Evaluation Branch

The Compliance and Evaluation Branch (CEB) promotes and integrates, internally and externally, equal access to and the opportunity to participate in employment opportunities and programs and activities without facing unlawful discrimination.  CEB implements a comprehensive Title VII and Title VI review program to ensure APHIS is in compliance with USDA and EEOC Civil Rights Program requirements.  CEB conducts Civil Rights Impact Analysis (CRIAs) to ensure that regulations, agency decisions, reorganizations and other actions taken within APHIS do not have an adverse civil rights impact on members of protected groups and are in accordance with the federal civil rights laws.


Compliance Review Schedule


On-site Compliance Reviews


OCRDI Compliance and Evaluation Branch Contact List
Name Title Telephone Number Email Address
Alston, Michael Management Analyst (301) 851-4202 michael.l.alston@aphis.usda.gov
Brown, Collus Management Analyst (301) 851-4183 collus.j.brown@aphis.usda.gov
Chapman, Vince Management Analyst (301) 851-3436 vince.c.chapman@aphis.usda.gov
Marin, Samantha Management Analyst (301) 851-4202 samantha.m.marin@aphis.usda.gov
Shelor, Steve Branch Chief (202) 799-7013 steve.shelor@aphis.usda.gov


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