HRDG 4500 - Recruitment and Retention Incentives - Section A

HRDG 4500 - Recruitment and Retention Incentives - Section A

Subchapter 4500 - Recruitment and Retention Incentives
Section A - Roles and Responsibilities



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Servicing Personnel 
Office (SPO)

Your Servicing Personnel Office (SPO) will implement the Pay Reform provisions, and:

  • Provide advice and guidance to you on the appropriate use of these provisions.
  • Activate the various payments by forwarding necessary documentation to the National Finance Center.
  • Ensure appropriate forms have been completed and signed by all necessary persons.
  • Verify that all salary computations are correct and appropriate.
  • Verify that the candidate/employee meets the requirements for receiving additional pay under this subchapter and,
  • Ensure responsible management officials annually review the need for any continuing payments (e.g., retention allowances).
Employment Policy (EP)

Human Resources Division, Employment Policy (EP) will:

  • Review and update policies,
  • Evaluate the use of the provisions, and
  • Collect and provide required information to USDA, Office of Human Resources Management (OHRM), or other Federal agencies.
Managers/ Supervisors 

You are expected to ensure judicious and equitable use of these authorities.

You must keep appropriate records and make required reports as detailed in this Subchapter.

Records/Reports Chart

This chart summarizes the data that must be kept about each new appointee or employee receiving a benefit from the various pay flexibilities found in this Subchapter. Additional data keeping requirements may be found in each specific section of this Subchapter.

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