HRDG 4430 - Performance Management - Section A

HRDG 4430 - Performance Management - Section A

Subchapter 4430
Performance Management 

Section A - Responsibilites



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Introduction This section describes roles and responsibilities of people involved in the performance management process.

Employees are responsible for:

  • Participating with supervisors in developing performance elements and standards
  • Participating with supervisors in progress reviews and performance appraisals,Listening actively to performance feedback and asking questions when the feedback is un­clear,
  • Providing feedback to supervisor regarding performance and accomplishments occurring during the performance year; and
  • Articulating career goals when discussing developmental activities.


Employees are encouraged to maintain a personal record of their accomplishments and performance throughout the performance cycle and provide this record to their supervisor. It is also important for employees to seek feedback and clarification when they have questions concerning performance expectations and how their performance relates to the mission of the organization.

Team Leaders

Team Leaders are responsible for:

  • Coaching, facilitating, solving work problems and participating in the work of the team,
  • Providing information/input to the supervisor on performance of the team and individuals,
  • Communicating assignments, milestones and deadlines to the team and individuals based on supervisor's instructions,
  • Observing training needs and relay training needs and requests to supervisor, and
  • Informing supervisor of attendance and behavioral problems.

Supervisors are responsible for:

  • Developing employee performance plans which reflect organizational goals;
  • Ensuring mid-year progress reviews and end-of-year performance appraisals are completed timely, and other opportunities for performance feedback are provided and utilized;
  • Providing employees the opportunity to provide feedback on their performance and accomplishments for the current performance cycle;
  • Communicating in a thoughtful and respectful manner, for listening actively, and for being well-prepared; and
  • Notifying the employee of unacceptable performance and developing a performance improvement plan if an employee's performance is less than fully successful.
Reviewing Officials 

Reviewing officials are responsible for:

  • Ensuring employee performance plans reflect organizational goals,
  • Reviewing employees' performance standards as submitted by supervisors to ensure consistency across the work unit, and
  • Approving performance appraisal ratings.
Human Resources 

Within the Human Resources Division:

  • Processing (PDF) associates receive and input summary ratings into the personnel database.
  • Policy (PDF) specialists provide advice and guidance on the performance management process and regulations; liaison with the Department and provide guidance on development of performance elements and standards.


Employee Relations (PDF) specialists provide guidance on development of performance elements and standards, and assist managers to address problems with employee performance.

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