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**The public database is updated every business day.**

Status of Permits, Notifications, and Petitions

View APHIS data in a variety of formats, including searchable databases, summary lists, and tables.  Check the status of recent applications, query historical databases, and find environmental documents prepared by APHIS.

Search APHIS Data on Environmental Releases

Virginia Tech provides APHIS data in a searchable, user-friendly format. Data can be queried by gene, organism, institution and more.

Search Data 
Search permit data by entering specific search criteria.

View Data Chart 
Create visual representation of requested permit data.

View Status of Permit, Notification, or Petition

Use the drop down menus below to check the status of permits, notifications, or petitions. Status lists are updated daily.




View Other Summary Tables

Should any of the above status information be incorrect, please email: biotechquery@aphis.usda.gov.