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British Virgin Islands


If you have any questions or concerns regarding the procedures and requirements for exporting animals, animal products, or to obtain a zoosanitary certificate for an animal product, you should contact the VS Field Office covering the area from where the product will be exported (or the area in which your office is located).

Animal Products

Live Animals

British Virgin Islands - Summary of Requirements

The following protocols for exporting animals to the British Virgin Islands are available through the International Regulations Retrieval System (IRRS).


Goats - November 1999 (pdf 7kb)
Sheep - November 1999 (pdf 7kb)

Note: An import permit must be obtained prior to export from the Department of Agriculture,Government of the British Virgin Islands, Tortola, British Virgin Islands. The telephone number is (284) 495-2532 and the facsimile number is (284) 495-1269.

Swine - June 2001 (pdf 40kb)

Poultry and other Avian Species:


A permit is required to import or export animals (including pets). Animals must have import or export certificates and appropriate vaccination and veterinary health certificates.

The Department of Agriculture has an office at the Terrance B. Lettsome airport, where Agricultural Officers conduct plant and animal quarantine duties. For animals and produce arriving by sea, the Department requires 24 hours notice of arrival, so that appropriate arrangements can be made for inspection of relevant papers. Information and application forms are available from the Department of Agriculture.

The Department of Agriculture
Paraquita Bay, Tortola.
Tele: (284) 495-2532; Airport office Tel: (284) 494-3701, ext. 6449
Fax: (284) 495-1269
E-mail: agriculture@bvigovernment.org

For species not listed, the requirements are not known. However, exporters wanting to ship livestock or germplasm whose requirements are not listed in the IRRS, should have the interested party (importer/buyer) in the country of destination apply for an Import Permit at the appropriate ministry. This Import Permit will most likely outline the specific requirements.

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