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European Union - Animal Products FOR Human Consumption

Abomasums and derivatives (including "rennets") for the production of materials for human consumption - January 2014 (pdf 12kb)

Collagen - Veterinary certificate for raw material in the production of collagen intended for human consumption

Composite products - June 2012 (pdf 17kb)

Eggs and egg products - May 2012 (pdf 12kb)

Fish Meal and fish oil exports to the EU - October 2004 (pdf 5kb)

Gelatin and collagen for human consumption - September 2004 (pdf 21kb)

Gelatin - Veterinary Certificate for raw material in the production of gelatin intended for human consumption

Honey (and other apiculture by-products) - January 2013 (pdf 24kb)

Milk and milk-based products intended for human consumption - April 2013 (pdf 10kb)

Rennets/Rennin - also see "Abomasums and derivatives"

Seafood - July 2012 (pdf 11kb)