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440 Hogan Road - Jennings Building
Nashville, 37720
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Tennessee Area Office

Scenic photos provided by the Tennessee Area Office
Images Courtesy of ARS Image Gallery, USDA Photo Center, R. Browning & TN Dept. of Agriculture

Veterinary Services

Dr. K. Mark Krause

APHIS Area Veterinarian-In-Charge

Tennessee’s “Volunteer” spirit can be found in the Blues and Rock n Roll sung on the shores of the Mississippi River in Memphis, to the hallowed halls of the Ryman Auditorium and the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, all the way across the state to the entrance to the Great Smokey Mountains and Neyland Stadium in Knoxville. This volunteer spirit is extended to every activity used to forward the mission of safeguarding animal and public health. Our safeguarding activities include monitoring and surveillance for domestic animal diseases and educating Tennessee’s citizens about animal health issues which fosters the strengthening of our objectives through collaboration. We also investigate and respond to emerging and foreign animal diseases, which further promotes the protection of the national animal herd, as well as enhancing the marketability of our animals and products for export with our international trading partners.

Tennessee has over 77,300 farms, totaling 10.8 million acres (TN Agricultural Statistics 2011-2012). The state ranks in the top 10 in the nation for the following cash crops:

  • Tobacco
  • Snap Beans
  • Hay
  • Tomatoes
  • Cotton
  • Cottonseed
  • Equine
  • Meat Goats
  • Beef Cows

Cattle & Calves had cash receipts of over $586 million for 2011 and represented Tennessee’s highest ranking agricultural – commodity.

Tennessee’s livestock inventory for 2011 – 2012 included:

  • 1.97 million Cattle
  • 35,000 Sheep & Lambs
  • 170,000 Swine
  • 130,000 Meat & Dairy Goats

About Us

Service Area: Tennessee

Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm Central

Hours for Health Certificate Endorsement:
Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 11:30 am and 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm (appointment required)

Office Email: VSTN@aphis.usda.gov

Accreditation: VSPSTN@aphis.usda.gov

Exports: VSTN.Export@aphis.usda.gov

Telephone Numbers:

Main Phone: (615) 781-5310
Fax: (615) 781-5309
Export Document Examiner Phone: (615) 781-5315
Export Document Examiner Fax: (615) 781-5962
Animal Identification Information: (615) 781-5312
Scrapie Program and Tag Information: (615) 781-5314

Mailing Address: (US Postal Service Mail)


P.O. Box 110950
Nashville, TN 37222-0950

Physical Address: (Shipping/Packages)

Ellington Agricultural Center
440 Hogan Road – Jennings Bldg
Nashville, TN 37220

National Veterinary Accreditation Program (NVAP):

Core Orientation Held in Tennessee
Date: April each year
Location: University of TN, Knoxville, TN
Note: Additional Core sessions will be available as needed in the Nashville Area Office
Contact: NVAP Coordinator
Phone: 615-781-5310
Email: VSPSTN@aphis.usda.gov


Memphis, Tennessee (Limited Port)

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