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105 Corporate Drive Suite H
Frankfort, 40601-8332
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(502) 848-2040

Kentucky District Office

Veterinary Services

Dr. Robert Southall

APHIS Assistant District Director District 3

Kentucky is known as the "Bluegrass State," a nickname based on the fact that bluegrass is present in many of the lawns and pastures throughout the state. Kentucky is called the Horse Capitol of the World. The Unbridled Spirit embellishes Kentucky as a place where spirits are free to soar and big dreams can be fulfilled. Kentucky is also known for thoroughbred horses, horse racing, poultry, cattle, bourbon whisky distilleries, bluegrass music, and college basketball. It has expansive cave and karst systems, coalfields, wetlands and forests. Kentucky is a state with diverse environments and abundant resources. 

About Us

APHIS Area Veterinarian In Charge: Dr. Robert Southall

Service Area: Kentucky

Export Office

Hours for Health Certificate Endorsement:

Monday-Friday 9:00am-3:00 pm (appointment required) Closed 11:30 am to 12:30 pm for lunch

Main Phone Export:  (502) 848-2043

For Veterinary Accreditation issues, please contact:

Accreditation Coordinator (Kentucky)

Office Email: VSKY@aphis.usda.gov General Contact
VSPSKY@aphis.usda.gov Exports and Veterinarian Accreditation

Physical and Mailing Address:

105 Corporate Drive, Suite H
Frankfort, KY 40601-8332

For Veterinary Accreditation issues, please contact:
Accreditation Coordinator (Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky)

Tamara Sharp
105 Corporate Drive, Suite H
Frankfort, KY 40601
Email: tamara.h.sharp@aphis.usda.gov
Phone: (502) 848-2049

National Veterinary Accreditation Program: /animal_health/vet_accreditation/index.shtml


Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky International Airport (Export only)
Louisville International Airport (Export only)

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Keeneland: http://www.Keeneland.com *

Ag-DISCOVERY: Ag Discovery 

* Links are not official USDA websites, USDA does not have control over content on the external pages


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