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Scrapie Free Flock Certification Program

The SFCP provides sheep and goat producers the opportunity to increase the marketability of their animals through demonstrating scrapie freedom in their flock or herd. Additionally, the SFCP contributes to APHIS' scrapie surveillance strategy, testing sheep and goats from flocks and herds that otherwise might not be sampled through traditional slaughter surveillance.

The SFCP was revised in 2013, when the Complete Monitored category was discontinued. Flocks that had been participating in that category, including Complete Monitored and Certified flocks, had the option of converting to either the Export category or the Select category of the revised SFCP. The flocks listed as "Certified" on the APHIS website concurrently hold Export Monitored status, and are working toward Export Certified status.

The requirements for the SFCP are provided in the SFCP standards. The standards, a presentation outlining the SFCP, and a summary of the SFCP are available below.


Additional Information About the Scrapie Flock Certification Program