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​USDA Proposes the Expansion of Areas in the Philippines Considered free of Mango Seed Weevil and Mango Pulp Weevil and an Establishment of a Lower Irradiation Dose as a Treatment for Mango Pulp Weevil



We are proposing to amend the list of designated pest-free areas for mango seed weevil and mango pulp weevil within the Philippines. We are also advising the public that we have determined that it is necessary to amend the Plant Protection and Quarantine Treatment Manual to establish a specific approved dose of irradiation as an authorized treatment for mango pulp weevil. These actions are necessary because surveys have determined that additional areas within the Philippines are free of mango seed weevil and mango pulp weevil. Additionally, we have determined that the mango pulp weevil can be neutralized with a lower dose of irradiation than the current generic dose for most plant pests of the class Insecta.