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NAHLN Information Technology System

A critical aspect of the National Animal Health Laboratory Network (NAHLN) is the effort to standardize data, improve data quality, and increase the speed of reporting laboratory results through electronic data transfer. The NAHLN IT Solution uses an HL7 message structure and SNOMED (www.ihtsdo.org) and LOINC(www.loinc.org) data standards. Originally pilot-tested in five laboratories, the NAHLN IT solution and is now available to all NAHLN laboratories.

Veterinary Terminology Services provides a NAHLN Terminology Service (http://vtsl.vetmed.vt.edu/nahln/main.cfm) website to support NAHLN training efforts. The website includes several guides that provide specific information on laboratory reporting, messaging implementation, CSF messaging, method object identifiers (OIDs), and more. It includes a private discussion forum for terminology issues arising during the development and testing of the NAHLN IT system.