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National Wildlife Research Center (NWRC)


Repellents in Wildlife Management: Proceedings

Committee Members

  • Diana L. Dwyer - Conference Chair

  • Kathleen A. Fagerstone - Program Chair

  • Michael Avery

  • J. Russell Mason

  • Larry Clark

  • Clay Mitchell

  • Dale Nolte


Many people worked behind the scenes to make the conference a success. The committee members would especially like to thank Laura Greiner, Linda Sanchez, Ernie Magana, Beth Farrell, Jim Armer, Carol Schafer for their assistance. A special thank you to Barbara Knopf and Marilyn Harris for their hard work in preparing the Proceedings for publication.

Copies of the Repellents in Wildlife Management Symposium Proceedings are available from the USDA/APHIS/ADC, National Wildlife Research Center. Contact the NWRC Library at 1201 Oakridge Dr., Fort Collins, CO 80525, (970) 223-1588 or e-mail nwrc@aphis.usda.gov.

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Issued August 1997


Last Modified: June 6, 2007