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WS 2011 Research Needs Assessment

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Summary of responses on the importance of wildlife impacts

An overwhelming percentage of federal respondents indicated that aviation-wildlife strike hazards, wildlife damage to property, and nuisance wildlife problems likely would all be moderately or extremely important issues in their respective states or regions during the next five years.  This includes 100% of Wildlife Services Operations respondents in each of the Eastern and Western Regions with respect to aviation-wildlife strike hazards, and 100% of WS Operations respondents in the Eastern Region with respect to wildlife damage to property.  A greater percentage (80% and 69%, respectively) of Eastern Region respondents thought that impacts of wildlife on transportation infrastructure and automobile safety would be moderately or highly important, compared to 63% and 44%, respectively of Western Region respondents who thought similarly.  Impacts of wildlife on golf courses was of comparable concern in the two regions.

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Last Modified: November 28, 2012