Equine Infectious Anemia Disease Information

New Equine Infectious Anemia Surveillance Information

HorseEquine Infectious Anemia (EIA) is a viral disease of members of the horse family.  
The equine infectious anemia virus (EIAV) is categorized as a retrovirus: it contains genetic RNA material, which it uses to produce DNA. This DNA is then incorporated into the genetic makeup of infected cells. Identified in France in 1843 and first tentatively diagnosed in the United States in 1888, EIA has commanded a great deal of attention over the years. There is no vaccine or treatment for the disease. It is often difficult to differentiate from other fever-producing diseases, including anthrax, influenza, and equine encephalitis.

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Refining Our Approach (2010)
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The Disease and It's Control (1996)
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Equine Infectious Anemia Surveillance Information

Uniform Methods and Rules (pdf 71kb)

Form 10-11 (pdf 804kb) and Instructions (pdf 12kb)

Status Report on EIA Control, 1996 (pdf 1.69mb)