APHIS Programs and Activities on Tribal Lands

APHIS is an agency with many missions vital to the health and welfare of animals, plants, and the natural environment in Indian Country.  We have worked with Tribal partners and Native American communities for many years to help protect livestock and crops from disease, pests, and wildlife damage.  We collaborate on these important projects through cooperative agreements, technical and emergency training, outreach activities, and consultations that ensure Native American cultural heritage and values are respected.  

Veterinary Services (VS)

VS offers a broad range of services to help ensure the health of Native American animals and aquatic life.  VS works to:

Plant Protection and Quarantine (PPQ)

PPQ protects crops, fields, forests, and other natural plant resources.  Among its many services in Indian Country, PPQ can:

Wildlife Services (WS)

WS provides assistance in managing wildlife that prey on livestock, damage property, or carry diseases that may harm livestock or people.  WS may be able to help:

Animal Care (AC)

For more than 40 years, Congress has entrusted APHIS with the stewardship of animals covered under the Animal Welfare and Horse Protection Acts.  APHIS’ AC program continues to uphold that trust, giving protection to millions of animals each year, nationwide.  In Indian Country, AC can help Native American communities with the following:


Biotechnology Regulatory Services (BRS)

BRS protects plant health through rigorous regulation of genetically engineered (GE) organisms.  BRS is committed to: