Frequently Asked Questions -- National Veterinary Services Laboratories

How do I submit a sample?

What form do I use to submit a sample?

What is your address?

NVSL - Ames
Packages                                                             Letters
1920 Dayton Ave.                                                P.O. Box 844
Ames, Iowa 50010                                              Ames, Iowa 50010

Packages                                                             Letters
40550 Route 25                                                   P.O. Box 848
Orient Point, NY 11957                                       Greenport, NY 11944

How much does a specific test or reagent cost?

How do I know what diseases you test for, and what type of specimen to submit?

When do you run a certain test?

When will my test results be available? 

I have submitted a sample, but I have not received a statement. 

I do not think my bill is accurate.

I am missing my results. Who do I contact?

How do I place a reagent order?

I am interested in working for the NVSL. Where can I view open positions, and how do I apply?