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Welcome to VSPS: Veterinary Services Process Streamlining

Veterinary Services Process Streamlining (VSPS) is a multi purpose system of the USDA / APHIS / Veterinary Services (VS). Below are a list of current modules and their intended use. In general VSPS is associated with animal and animal product movement into and out of the US as well as interstate and intrastate movements.

VSPS Modules

NVAP Module

National Veterinary Accreditation Program Staff use this module to manage all of their accredited veterinary records including National Accreditation Numbers, Reaccreditation Timelines and contact information for accredited veterinarians around the country. An accredited veterinarian can access the system to apply for accreditation or renewal on-line.

Interstate Module

This web-based Interstate Module for Certificates of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) and supporting documents are USDA provided at no cost to states and accredited veterinarians. Accredited Veterinarians may set up a practice to allow document sharing among practice members including CVI data, test record information, business contact and animal information.

A new addition to this module allows states to enter already issued certificates of veterinary inspection into the retrospective CVI portion of the interstate module.

Animal Import Module

This module is used by Port Veterinarians to process release or refusal papers issued at the ports. A Port VMO can also create most forms associated with importing animals into the US. In the future this module will allow brokers to create a 17-29 on-line as part of an importation.

Animal Import Center Reservation Module

Brokers use this module to create documents needed for importation as well as reserve space at the two federal animal import centers in the US.

Product Import Module

National Product Import Staff use this module to track the establishments that are approved to import animal products into the US. Eventually this module will be expanded to allow field staff to directly enter inspection and approval information for these establishments. The home page of VSPS also allows the public to search for an Establishment that is approved to accept animal products imported into the US.

Product Export Module

This module is used to manage records of establishments that are approved to Export Animal Products. Field personnel have “view” access to this module to confirm which facilities are approved to export certain animal products.

VSPS General Webinar Training Sessions:

-- VSPS-Getting Started (45 Minutes)
- VSPS-A More Indepth Look (55 Minutes)

   *Please note that presentations may take a moment to download.

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