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This Web page provides access to all outreach publications currently available from USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) in print, PDF format, or both. The publications presented here are organized according to category, title, date, item type, and publication number (if applicable). To search for specific publications, use Ctrl+F to search text or the keyword search and custom sorts and data filters below.

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Innovative Solutions to Human-Wildlife Conflicts: National Wildlife Research Center Accomplishments, 2014
[Program Aid #: Miscellaneous Publication #: 1611]
Research2015Wildlife DamageReport
Guidance for Hunters--Protect Yourself and Your Birds From Avian Influenza [APHIS 91-55-098]
[Program Aid #: APHIS 91-55-098]
Avian Influenza2015Animal Health/Wildlife DamageFactsheet (Color)
Solutions Through Science: Protecting Sunflowers From Blackbirds [Program Aid#: 1959]
[Program Aid #: 1959]
Blackbirds2014Wildlife DamageBrochure
Wildlife Disease Surveillance and Emergency ResponseWildlife Diseases2014Wildlife DamageFactsheet (Color)
Livestock Protection Dogs on Private Lands: Protecting Sheep From Predators (Sign) [Program Aid #: 2109]
[Program Aid #: 2109]
Protection Dogs2014Wildlife DamagePoster
Livestock Protection Dogs on Private Lands: Protecting Sheep From Predators (Brochure) [Program Aid #: 2110]
[Program Aid #: 2110]
Protection Dogs2014Wildlife DamageBrochure
Innovative Solutions to Human-Wildlife Conflicts: National Wildlife Research Center Accomplishments, 2013 Research2014Wildlife DamageReport
The National Environmental Policy ActNEPA2014Wildlife DamageFactsheet (Color)
Innovative Solutions to Human-Wildlife Conflicts: National Wildlife Research Center Accomplishments, 2012 [Program Aid #: 1609]
[Program Aid #: 1609]
Research2013Wildlife DamageReport
Preventing the Spread of Raccoon Rabies [Program Aid #: 1933]
[Program Aid #: 1933]
Rabies/Oral Rabies2015Wildlife DamageBrochure
Rabies Card: Have you seen these? [Program Aid #: 1934]
[Program Aid #: 1934]
Rabies/Oral Rabies2013Wildlife DamageCard
Feral Swine: Damage and Disease Threats [Program Aid #: 2086]
[Program Aid #: 2086]
Swine/Feral Swine2013Wildlife DamageBrochure
Livestock Protection Dogs on Public Lands: Protecting Sheep From Predators (Sign in Spanish) [Program Aid #: 2053S]
[Program Aid #: 2053S]
Protection Dogs2012Wildlife DamagePoster
APHIS Wildlife Services: Controlling Wildlife Damage on Native American Lands [Program Aid #: 2123-4]
[Program Aid #: 2123-4]
Tribal (Native American)2012Wildlife DamageFactsheet (Color)
Reducing Wildlife Hazards to AircraftResearch2012Wildlife DamageFactsheet (Color)
Reducing Avian Predation in Aquaculture SystemsResearch2012Wildlife DamageFactsheet (Color)
Reducing Blackbird and Starling ConflictsResearch2012Wildlife DamageFactsheet (Color)
Avian and Invasive Species Population ManagementResearch2012Wildlife DamageFactsheet (Color)
Ecology of Emerging Viral and Bacterial Diseases in WildlifeResearch2012Wildlife DamageFactsheet (Color)
Contraceptive Technologies for Use in Wildlife Population and Disease ManagementResearch2012Wildlife DamageFactsheet (Color)
Predator Damage ManagementResearch2012Wildlife DamageFactsheet (Color)
Reducing Mammalian Damage in Forested and Riparian EcosystemsResearch2012Wildlife DamageFactsheet (Color)
Controlling Rodent Populations and Damage with an Emphasis on Invasive House Mice and Native VolesResearch2012Wildlife DamageFactsheet (Color)
Managing Invasive Species Impacts to Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Human Health and SafetyResearch2012Wildlife DamageFactsheet (Color)
Feral Swine Damage Control StrategiesResearch2012Wildlife DamageFactsheet (Color)
Economic Research of Human-Wildlife Conflicts: Methods and ApplicationsResearch2012Wildlife DamageFactsheet (Color)
Ecology, Control, and Prevention of Terrestrial Rabies in Free-ranging WildlifeResearch2012Wildlife DamageFactsheet (Color)
Management of Ungulate Disease and Damage ConflictsResearch2012Wildlife DamageFactsheet (Color)
Chemical and Metabolic Approaches for Minimizing Human-Wildlife ConflictsResearch2012Wildlife DamageFactsheet (Color)
Product Registration: Providing Tools for Wildlife ServicesResearch2012Wildlife DamageFactsheet (Color)
Safer Skies: For Birds and PeopleAirport Hazards2012Wildlife DamageFactsheet (Color)
Blackbirds: USDA Investigates How Ultraviolet Cues Influence Blackbird Feeding Behavior: Research May Lead to More Effective Bird RepellentsBlackbirds2012Wildlife DamageStakeholder Announ. (BW)
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate: European Starling and Blackbird Wetting AgentBlackbirds2012Wildlife DamageTech Note
Careers in Wildlife ServicesCareers and Scholarships2012Wildlife DamageFactsheet (Color)
National Wildlife Disease Program: Wildlife Tissue ArchivesLaboratory2012Wildlife DamageFactsheet (Color)
National Wildlife Research Center Field StationsResearch2012Wildlife DamageFactsheet (Color)
Technology Transfer: Partnering with Wildlife Services [Program Aid #: 2091]
[Program Aid #: 2091]
Technology Systems2011Wildlife DamageBrochure
Report Wildlife Aircraft Strikes (Poster) [Program Aid #: 2095]
[Program Aid #: 2095]
Airport Hazards2011Wildlife DamagePoster
Beaver Damage ManagementBeavers2011Wildlife DamageFactsheet (Color)
Role of Invasive European Starlings in the Spread of Salmonella at Cattle Feeding OperationsBirds/Poultry2011Wildlife DamageStakeholder Announ. (BW)
Brown Tree Snake an Invasive ReptileBrown Tree Snake2011Wildlife DamageFactsheet (Color)
OvoControl;Oral Contraceptive Baits for Canada Geese and Feral Pigeons QAsContraceptive/Wildlife2011Wildlife DamageFactsheet (Color)
Coyotes in Towns and SuburbsCoyotes2011Wildlife DamageFactsheet (Color)
Estimating the Value of Resident Canada Goose Damage ManagementGeese/Goose2011Wildlife DamageFactsheet (Color)
Management of Canada Goose NestingGeese/Goose2011Wildlife DamageFactsheet (Color)
Preventing Wildlife Rabies Save Lives and MoneyRabies/Oral Rabies2011Wildlife DamageFactsheet (Color)
Oral Rabies Vaccination Program in the EastRabies/Oral Rabies2011Wildlife DamageFactsheet (Color)
National Wildlife Research Center Headquarters Campus- Fort CollinsResearch2011Wildlife DamageFactsheet (Color)
National Wildlife Research Center: Protecting AgricultureResearch2011Wildlife DamageFactsheet (Color)
Sustained Agriculture: The Need to Manage Rodent DamageRodents2011Wildlife DamageStakeholder Announ. (BW)
Relocating Wildlife Requires CautionWildlife2011Wildlife DamageFactsheet (Color)
Creating a Balance Between People and Wildlife Damage: The Wildlife Services Mission [Program Aid #: 1523]
[Program Aid #: 1523]
Wildlife2010Wildlife DamageBrochure
Wildlife Contraceptives, Solutions Through Science [Program Aid #: 2035]
[Program Aid #: 2035]
Contraceptive/Wildlife2010Wildlife DamageBrochure
Protecting Mississippi Agriculture and Resources [Program Aid #: 2036]
[Program Aid #: 2036]
APHIS Mission2010Wildlife DamageBrochure
Livestock Protection Dogs on Public Lands: Protecting Sheep From Predators [Program Aid #: 2051]
[Program Aid #: 2051]
Protection Dogs2010Wildlife DamageBrochure
Livestock Protection Dogs on Public Lands: Protecting Sheep From Predators (Sign) [Program Aid #: 2053]
[Program Aid #: 2053]
Protection Dogs2010Wildlife DamagePoster
Wildlife Conservation Sunflower Plots Valuable to Farmers and BirdsBirds/Poultry2010Wildlife DamageStakeholder Announ. (BW)
USDA Investigates Feasibility of Combined Rabies-Contraceptive VaccineContraceptive/Wildlife2010Wildlife DamageStakeholder Announ. (BW)
Assistance to Dairy Farms and FacilitiesDairy Farms2010Wildlife DamageFactsheet (Color)
Assisting American AquacultureFish and Aqua2010Wildlife DamageFactsheet (Color)
Livestock Protection CollarLivestock/Wildlife2010Wildlife DamageFactsheet (Color)
M-44 Device for Local Predator ControlLivestock/Wildlife2010Wildlife DamageFactsheet (Color)
Livestock Protection DogsProtection Dogs2010Wildlife DamageFactsheet (Color)
National Wildlife Research Center Invasive Species Research BuildingResearch2010Wildlife DamageFactsheet (Color)
Nutria, an Invasive RodentRodents2010Wildlife DamageFactsheet (Color)
Vulture Damage ManagementVultures2010Wildlife DamageFactsheet (Color)
Assistance With Waterfowl DamageWaterfowl2010Wildlife DamageFactsheet (Color)
Living With WildlifeWildlife2010Wildlife DamageFactsheet (Color)
Nonlethal Management of Wildlife DamageWildlife2010Wildlife DamageFactsheet (Color)
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