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APHIS Publications
This Web page provides access to all outreach publications currently available from USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) in print, PDF format, or both. The publications presented here are organized according to category, title, date, item type, and publication number (if applicable). To search for specific publications, use Ctrl+F to search text or the keyword search and custom sorts and data filters below.

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If available in printed form and in stock, you may order copies of an APHIS publication through the APHIS Publications Ordering System. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery of your items. NOTICE: The APHIS Publications Ordering System requires Java Version 8 Update 51 or higher to view and order the available publications. 

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Please note that APHIS now publishes many of its publications online only. If you have questions about a publication's availability, contact APHIS' Legislative and Public Affairs office at 301-851-4100.

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APHIS Biotechnology Regulatory Services: Engaging Native American Communities in Biotechnology Regulation [Program Aid #2123-5]
[Program Aid #: 2123-5]
Tribal (Native American)2014BiotechnologyFactsheet (Color)
Notice of Intent To Prepare Environmental Impact Statements for 2,4-D and Dicamba Genetically Engineered Plants Under Consideration for Deregulation,vBiotechnology and Science2013BiotechnologyFactsheet (BW,QA)
QAs: APHIS' Notice of Intent to Prepare an Environmental Impact Statement for Freeze Tolerant Eucalyptus LinesBiotechnology and Science2013BiotechnologyFactsheet (BW,QA)
Questions and Answers: USDA Investigating Detection of Positive Genetically Engineered (GE) Glyphosate-Resistant Wheat in OregonWheat2013BiotechnologyFactsheet (BW,QA)
APHIS and Biotechnology (Chinese) [Program Aid #: 2120]
[Program Aid #: 2120]
Biotechnology and Science2012BiotechnologyBrochure
APHIS and Biotechnology [Program Aid #: 2120]
[Program Aid #: 2120]
Biotechnology and Science2012BiotechnologyBrochure
APHIS and Biotechnology (Spanish) [Program Aid #: 2120]
[Program Aid #: 2120]
Biotechnology and Science2012BiotechnologyBrochure
Your Career in Biotechnology Regulatory Services [Program Aid #: 2124]
[Program Aid #: 2124]
Careers and Scholarships2012BiotechnologyBrochure
Soybeans: BASF's HT Soybean (Event BPS-CV127-9)Biotechnology and Science2012BiotechnologyFactsheet (BW,QA)
Eucalyptus: Environmental Assessment on Genetically Engineered Eucalyptus, QAsBiotechnology and Science2012BiotechnologyFactsheet (BW,QA)
Soybeans: Bayer CropScience - Double-Herbicide-Tolerant soybean (Event FG72)Biotechnology and Science2012BiotechnologyFactsheet (BW,QA)
Soybeans: Dow AgroSciences's 2,4-D Tolerant Soybean (Event DAS-44406-6)Biotechnology and Science2012BiotechnologyFactsheet (BW,QA)
Soybeans: Dow AgroSciences 2,4-D-TolerantSoybean (Event DAS-68416-4)Biotechnology and Science2012BiotechnologyFactsheet (BW,QA)
Soybeans: Monsanto's Dicamba-Tolerant Soybean (Event MON 87708)Biotechnology and Science2012BiotechnologyFactsheet (BW,QA)
Monsanto's Hybridization System (Event MON 87427)Biotechnology and Science2012BiotechnologyFactsheet (BW,QA)
Soybeans: Monsanto's High-Yield Soybean (Event MON 87712)Biotechnology and Science2012BiotechnologyFactsheet (BW,QA)
Apples: Okanagan Specialty Fruits' Non-Browning Apple (Events GD743 and GS784)Biotechnology and Science2012BiotechnologyFactsheet (BW,QA)
Soybeans: Monsanto's Modified oil soybean (Event MON 87769)Biotechnology and Science2012BiotechnologyFactsheet (BW,QA)
Biotechnology and the USDA QAsBiotechnology and Science2012BiotechnologyFactsheet (Color)
Corn: Genective SA's Herbicide Tolerant Corn (Event VCO- 01981-5)Corn/Canola2012BiotechnologyFactsheet (BW,QA)
Canola: Monsanto's HT Canola (Event MON 88302)Corn/Canola2012BiotechnologyFactsheet (BW,QA)
Canola: Pioneer's Herbicide Tolerant (HT) Canola (Event DP-073496-4Corn/Canola2012BiotechnologyFactsheet (BW,QA)
Corn: Sygenta's Rootworm-Resistant Corn (Event SYN 5307)Corn/Canola2012BiotechnologyFactsheet (BW,QA)
Cotton: Bayer CropScience's (BCS) Insect-Resistant, Glufosinate Ammonium-Tolerant Cotton (Event T303-3)Cotton/Cotton Pests2012BiotechnologyFactsheet (BW,QA)
Determination of Nonregulated Status for Roundup Ready (RR) Sugar Beets, QASugarbeets2012BiotechnologyFactsheet (BW,QA)
Biotechnology Quality Management System Program [Program Aid #: 2056]
[Program Aid #: 2056]
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