VHS and Prevention
The Big Wild Radio Show. 2011
An interview with Dr. Janet Whaley (USDA Aquaculture Program Manager) regarding VHS, prevention and why recreational boaters and anglers should be concerned.

Focus on Fish Health – VHS prevention vodcast
World Fishing Network. 2010
An interview with Dr. Kathleen Hartman of the USDA. Discussion includes the VHS virus found in the Great Lakes and tips for the angler on how to prevent damage to our lakes, rivers and streams.

Boaters and Anglers Need to Remain Vigilant
U.S. Department of Agriculture. 2010
Dr. Paul G. Egrie of the USDA emphasizes the importance of boaters and anglers in remaining vigilant and use preventive measures to stop the spread of VHS. 2010.

USDA APHIS Public Service Announcements. 2010
U.S. Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service - Public Service Announcements (PSAs) on protecting aquatic animal health.
Don't transport snails or other aquatic life (15 sec)
Don't transport tadpoles or other aquatic life (15 sec)
Going fishing? Don't transport water or aquatic life (30 sec)
Enjoy fishing? Don't transport water or bait (30 sec)

One Bait, One Lake
Wisconsin's Department of Natural Resources. 2009.  
This rock tune by Andrew Isham proclaims the importance of not moving bait minnows from one lake to another to prevent the VHS fish disease from spreading from an infected to a non-infected lake in Wisconsin (2:09 min).

Ballad on AIV (Aquaculture Invaders)
Wisconsin's Department of Natural Resources.   2009.  
This folk song by Scott Gatzke reminds listeners about the importance of cleaning boats when moving them between bodies of water to keep Wisconsin's waters pure and clean (1:48 min).

Clean Boats, Clean Waters
Wisconsin's Department of Natural Resources. 2009.  
This rockabilly-inspired country song by James T. Spartz offers some straight-forward advice for protecting the future of our Wisconsin lakes - it's easy - just clean your boat when moving from one body of water to another (2:50 min).

VHS Public Service Announcement
Michigan Department of Natural Resources. 2008.  
PSA video on VHS prevention for boaters and anglers (44 sec)