What do your pet goldfish, the catfish on the menu, and the trout you caught in a stocked pond have in common?

They all potentially came from aquaculture.


Aquaculture is the farming and harvesting of marine and freshwater aquatic animals. It is a diverse and growing industry around the world.

Aquaculture helps provide people with fish and shellfish to eat, fish to catch, and even ornamental (pet) fish to enjoy.

Fish Health

Keeping our farmed fish healthy is an important component of aquaculture. Preventative aquatic animal health practices, like basic biosecurity, vaccines, and watching for potential diseases, are all part of responsible farming.

The USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) works with fish farmers and the aquaculture industry to protect aquatic animal health.

Learn more about APHIS's Aquaculture Program.


You can learn more about aquaculture and fish health here. See Factsheets.

Partnership and Resources

Many government agencies are working together to ensure aquaculture in the United States is sustainable and responsible. They provide a wide range of services and perspectives on aquaculture.

See who's involved and their role in aquaculture.
Aquaculture Partnership and Resources