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Kid's Activities

You can play a role in protecting our nation’s crops, forests, parks and trees from hungry pests! Enjoy these games and activities as you learn more about invasive species, and ways you can help stop their spread.

Hungry Pests kids activity sheet
Download and print this activity sheet designed for kids of all ages. Easy to fold and carry in a purse or bag.    

Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) Activities

Puzzles, games, coloring pages, art activities and more! There are different challenges for different ages.

Activity Book

Outdoor Activity

Mark Trail Comic Strip (curriculum supplement)

Emerald Ash Borer Investigator

Put your folding skills to the test with this origami-like trivia game!

EAB Investigator

Vin Vasive Mask

Cut out eye holes and attach a string to hold on the head of the mask wearer.

Vin Vasive Mask

Emerald Ash Borer Nature Walk Video

Go on a virtual stroll and learn more about the life cycle of the EAB.

Complementary Content