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Outdoor Gear

Invasive species travel in outdoor gear.

Boots, clothes and equipment can carry pests back home.

Invasive pests can hitchhike on boots, clothes, and camping equipment used outdoors. The pests can then be carried long distances from their origin.

Invasive plant seeds, insects and their eggs, and diseases.

European gypsy moth egg masses, insects, snails, and slugs can hitch a ride with you when you return from the outdoors. Also, sudden oak death, microscopic worms, and harmful weed seeds can move in soil stuck on any item.

What's at risk.

America's crops, forests, ecosystems, community landscapes, and backyard gardens.

Millions of dollars spent by farmers and government on necessary control and treatment activities.

Foreign markets that could close to U.S. products from infested areas.

Keep It Clean.

Wash outdoor gear and tires until they're free of soil and any signs of pests before leaving fishing, hunting, or camping trips.

If you're moving, be sure to visit to learn the legal requirements to move out of a European gypsy moth quarantine area—which is most of the northeast quarter of the United States—to a non-quarantine area.

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