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Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
U.S. Department of Agriculture

Internet Sales

Invasive species travel in packages.

Online purchases can be risky.

Online purchases can be risky, and sometimes illegal without proper inspections and paperwork. Purchased in cyberspace and shipped in cargo space, plants, plant parts, soil, fruits and vegetables can carry a range of invasive pests and diseases.

Insects, snails and diseases.

Insects, snails, slugs, mites, microscopic worms, and diseases.

What's at risk.

America's crops, forests, ecosystems, community landscapes, and backyard gardens.

Millions of dollars spent by farmers and government on necessary control and treatment activities.

Foreign markets that could close to U.S. products from infested or infected areas.

Don't Bring or Mail.

Don't bring or mail fresh fruits, vegetables, plants or any food or agricultural items into your state or another state unless agricultural inspectors have cleared them beforehand.

Get answers from your local USDA office — find contact information by state.

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