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Asian Longhorned Beetle - New York

map of New York's ALB quarantined area

New York ALB Eradication Program

ALB was first found in Brooklyn, New York in August 1996. The New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets (AGM) issued the New York quarantine order 1NYCRR Part 139, Control of the Asian Longhorned Beetle on December 12, 1996. Due to additional detection of ALB infested trees, quarantine areas have expanded or have been added in New York. APHIS first issued a Federal Order that mirrors the regulated boundaries of the State on March 7, 1997. In New York, the AGM and APHIS work together to operate the ALB eradication program.

For questions about the New York ALB Eradication Program, please call 1-866-265-0301.

State and Federal Regulations

New York State Regulations
Federal Regulations

Quarantined Areas

Currently, 53 square miles are quarantined for ALB in New York, in central Long Island. Eradication was declared for infestations in Islip, Staten Island, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens.


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APHIS and/or our State partners contract with licensed tree removal specialists to perform the tree removal work under supervision by APHIS or a partnering State official. In New York, the removal contractor is Integrity Tree Care.

Compliance Training

Regulated material may not be removed from quarantine areas unless accompanied by a Limited Permit or Certificate authorizing such movement. Anyone handling ALB regulated material who wishes to obtain an AGM Compliance Agreement, enabling the movement of wood for purposes of disposal, may do so by contacting AGM. Free compliance trainings are offered by the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets and are available for any businesses or individuals engaged in activities requiring the proper handling, movement, and disposal of regulated articles that are harvested within the ALB regulated areas.

For more information about ALB compliance training in New York, please call 631-288-1751.

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