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Asian Longhorned Beetle - Quarantines

Quarantines or Regulated Areas

When ALB infestations are found, APHIS and State officials establish quarantines or regulated areas around them. Quarantines help with beetle eradication by restricting the movement of ALB and ALB host materials (known as regulated articles). This minimizes the chance of infestations spreading to new locations.

Affected States

APHIS and State personnel are currently fighting ALB infestations in three States: New York, MassachusettsOhio, and South Carolina. Please visit ALB maps to see quarantine boundaries.  Click on one of the images below for state-specific information:




If you perform work on regulated articles in any quarantine area, you must enter into a compliance agreement with the ALB eradication program in your State to move items to approved sites for disposal. Before entering into an agreement, you need to attend free compliance training. To register for this training, please call:

  • 631-288-1751 if you work in New York.
  • 508-852-8110 if you work in Massachusetts.
  • 513-381-7180 if you work in Ohio.


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