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As part of the eGovernment initiative, APHIS now makes available the ePermits online system for biotechnology permits and notifications. ePermits is an internet-based tool that allows users to submit permit applications, receive notifications of expirations, and access options for renewal. APHIS' BRS continues to offer both a manual process and the online ePermits system to our users. We encourage you to take advantage of the ePermits option. This will help to expedite the entire permitting process and enable users to track the status of their permits, confirm receipt, and easily renew existing permits.

In addition to the ease of applying online, the ePermits system has other time-saving features, such as an individual ePermits workspace, tools to help generate new applications from previous submissions and to create Confidential Business Information (CBI)-deleted versions of an application, and the ability to add attachments to permit applications.

Users are required to sign up for an eAuthentication account to access ePermits; however, once you receive your eAuth id and password, it provides a centralized authentication service for all web-based services across the federal government. Applicants must have Level 2 access, which requires independent verification of their identity and can be obtained through the eAuthentication process. However, as an interim measure to aid BRS applicants in taking advantage of this system, BRS is allowing applicants to submit applications through ePermits with only Level 1 access, which is available immediately upon completing the on-line application. To obtain either Level 1 or Level 2 access, please visit: . Until Level 2 access is acquired, applicants must print their submitted application and mail a signed and dated copy to BRS.


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