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Budget, Fiscal, and Accounting


Several APHIS and General Records Schedules are listed.

PRP - Property and Procurement: This chapter from the APHIS Records Management Handbook contained several records series that were not related to one another. The PRP chapter is listed here to provide links to the new locations of the items previous included in the chapter.

The dispositions contained in the GRS are mandatory and take precedence over APHIS dispositions.

Retentions for "All other offices" is no longer listed. All non-record copies are treated as informational unless separately scheduled. Informational copies can be destroyed when no longer needed, but cannot be retained beyond the retention period for the recordkeeping copies.

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  • General Records Schedule (NARA)
    • Accountable Officers
    • Budget Prep & Apportionment
    • Expenditure Accounting
    • Procurement, Grant & Supply
    • Stores, Plant & Cost Accounting


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