Records Management Training

Records Management Training


It is your responsibility to identify records and to know what to do with them. A major goal of the APHIS records management program is to provide employees and contractors with the information they need in order to fulfill these responsibilities.

Offices may request on-site training to be provided by a member of the Forms, Issuances, and Records Management (FIRM) team. The requesting office is responsible for all travel-related expenses that may be incurred by the FIRM team member if the office is outside of the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. To request on-site training, please send an e-mail to Include the office location, contact information, and preferred dates.

In addition to providing on-site training, the FIRM team member will work with the office's administrative staff to review and set up filing systems as well as identify records that must be destroyed and those that should be transferred to a Federal Records Center (FRC) for temporary storage. When the disposal date is reached the FRC will contact the office to confirm that the records can be destroyed. Permanent records will be transferred to the National Archives and Records Administration.


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